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Dear Student's and Parent's,

Our tutorials is an opportunity for the students to educate themselves, go beyond just education and have an overall holistic development so that they succeed in academics as well as in life..

All this while result oriented teaching methodologies and comprehensive evaluation distinguish our tutorials apart from others.

We believe that education should also contain Indian values and overall development of a student. Since last 14 years of my educational experience with top notched coaching Institutes, I felt that we are providing only defined content of academics which is required for particular exam. Though many students start their coaching with common goal of cracking particular exam but most of them fail to meet the challenges.

The reason behind this is a rat race amongst the students, immature planning of coaching institutes and because of this after certain time students stand at a place from where he/she started few months back, not only this parents also looses their hope along with their hard earned money. We will try to provide every element needed to motivate the students, provide value addition in terms of their social and family responsibilities along with the main stream of academics. We will also try to ensure that a child should not lose his/her hope of getting or achieving their desired goal.

We have restructured the subjects courses to incorporate the preparation of board exams (school exams) along with the preparation of advance subject test (for competition). We believe that this approach will definitely cut down duplicacy of the efforts of students and will maximize their efficiency. Our study material incorporate exercise based on board exams (school exams) type question along with the competitive questions.

We also believe that parents should always aware about his/her wards progress. To incorporate it we will keep in touch with parents every time to ensure a proper communication and feedback.Together we shall make the difference.

I was an average student as a kid, but was blessed with wonderful professors who helped me explore the subject (Chemistry) in depth and taught me to work on my potential. I fell in love with the subject, and topped both, MSc part 1and part 2 from Mithibai college.

The journey began and before I knew it, I got selected by BARC (BRIT), worked their as JRF for two years and SRF for three years. Simultaneously I started teaching MSc level students in Madurai Kamraj University and Lucknow University.

Slowly I started exploring 10th and 12th class academics, and today it's been 12 years since I started teaching the younger minds of 9th and 10th class of ICSE board. With my knowledge and experience I have achieved my goal of highest number of 100/100 scorers in Chemistry and am constantly working towards the day when all my students score a 100/100 in my favorite subject.

"It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes all the difference."

We at DMT foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, parents, teachers, and support staff. I believe that as a teacher, I have a huge responsibility of shaping the students. Even though I tutor young minds in Mathematics, I also teach them to apply the subject in their day-to-day lives.

Students are malleable and can be shaped into persons of excellence by their teachers. Their talent and energy need to be channelised in right direction. Thus we work towards this goal and achieve the pinnacle of success every year with ease.

In my fifteen years of career, I have been a part of various educational institutions - classes and tutorials in Mumbai. From what I have gathered, students tend to look at Physics as one of the toughest Science subjects. This is the notion that I want to change. Physics, in fact, is one of the most logical subjects that help us understand how the smallest of world phenomena work. With my teaching method, I make it a point to make Physics fun for my students, and the results are far beyond excellent.

I focus on effective teaching, personalized attention, visual representation, developing scientific reasoning, and improving their learning capacity. Over the years, I've seen students go from "I am scared of Physics" to "I love physics", and that is my biggest achievement.

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Our Mission : "Excellence Through Systematic Hardwork"